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Tanya Vece started as a freelance writing intern for the television show "Saturday Night Live" and contributing entertainment pieces for The Steamboat Local in Colorado. She opened up her public relations firm, Gossip Media, in 2002. She worked to help Robert Downey, Jr. with the Silver Lake drug rehabilitation initiative. Vece also coordinated promotional media efforts between Las Vegas media outlets and entertainers, such as Mody and Stuttering John Melendez of The Howard Stern Show. Additionally, she spent her time working as a Special Promotions Coordinator and Catering Event Specialist on the famed Las Vegas Strip for a variety of properties and nightclubs. Her clientele included high-end companies, like Paul Mitchell and IBM, and celebrities such as Celine Dion, Johnny Depp, Oprah, and Dennis Hopper for CineVegas two years in a row.


 In 2007, she won a six-figure contract after personally touring Tony Hsieh of Zappos for a downtown Las Vegas property event scape. As a result, Vece coordinated the first-ever casino buyout contract for Mr. Hsieh and she was the first event coordinator to sell logo branding to Zappos on The Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & SkyPod’s famous tower. Later that year, Tanya Vece was one of 50 Las Vegans to obtain a special lightbulb on the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign for her work as a Special Promotions Coordinator and Catering Event Specialist. 


Tanya Vece started The Horse Chronicles online magazine in 2002. The magazine ran until 2008. Vece’s magazine was the ONLY independent magazine to be credentialed by CNN to cover the Democratic convention in Las Vegas, as well as to be invited to cover the International Press Awards hosted by James Cameron and Alec Baldwin. She interviewed everyone, from her friend Zach Galifianakis to Bumblefoot of Guns N' Roses. She also covered The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, and more.


Tanya and Russell Brand wrote a piece for Vegas Rocks magazine and she frequently contributed to Full Metal Rock magazine. Tanya also contributed to a Grammy-nominated album as an uncredited ghostwriter in 2008. She also released her first credited book, "Itch: Love Stories about Heroin" based on Alice in Chains’ frontman Layne Staley.


Vece switched gears in 2016. She turned her attention to corporate and medical marketing. She started to help small and large companies realize the value of earned public relations. Realtors, health coaches, medical practices, beauty brands, and service-based companies started to hire her writing and branding work on a per-project basis. 


Tanya also started ghostwriting books and writing a historical entertainment column for The Boulder City Review. She also helped the Dam Short Film Festival (Nevada's largest film festival) in Boulder City, NV achieve sell-out crowds and gain record media attention and box-office results. Tanya Vece won the Goldie Begley Energizer Award from Boulder City's Chamber of Commerce for her marketing and publicity efforts with Volunteers of America's Homestead property. 


In 2020, Tanya Vece launched The Motley Magazine. A digital monthly publication dedicated to the very best in Taste, Travel, and Things for those who expect to lead a spoiled lifestyle. The magazine is currently paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tanya Vece currently works in medical marketing and continues to provide per-project publicity work to small businesses. Tanya’s primary residence is in Boulder City, NV. She, however, has a second home in Prescott Valley, AZ with her boyfriend, John. Together, they have two furbabies named Tink and Dotty. Tanya’s hobbies include axe throwing, baking, and listening to any episode of Live from Daryl’s House.