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No more dirty decisions in

City Hall

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No more dirty decisions in City Hall! In my opinion, the current city council has an incestuous relationship with one another. The Mayor has nominated a candidate who championed his election. The blame game between the current and former city council is a distraction from our progress as a city. Things need to change and we need someone who is independent of any special interest groups to help inspire and scale this change!

Let me stand up for you! I’m fair. I’m direct. I’m not afraid to challenge those with opposing viewpoints. Moreso, I’m not afraid to work together when alternative ideas and perspectives are presented. We may not see eye-to-eye but we can work together to meet at a middle ground.

I believe in a better future for Boulder City! Here’s what’s important to me:

  • Yes to Off-Road Vehicles on city streets

  • 1-year moratorium on all residential and commercial demolition requests

  • All new developments, residential and commercial, within the Charter should meet the aesthetics of the tree and state streets

  • Waive local business license fees for the next three years to promote business during the pandemic

  • Consider implementing an adult daycare within the city limits

  • We need a new pool- but not at 40 million dollars

  • Bring back the Civil War Reenactment as a city-sponsored civics event for children

  • Work together with the Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism, growing business, and local employment

  • Detail out what is what when it comes to historic preservation and then identify preventative and enforceable measures that will discourage further alterations and/or demolitions

  • Lower utility bills by 25% on a local level for qualifying seniors, single parents, and low-income families. Give the same discount to businesses that hire locally and have at least 60% of their workforce living within our community

  • Advocate for those actually utilizing the airport hangers and listen to what they have to say, the Mayor needs to stop slamming his laptop when he doesn’t like alternative ideas

  • Let’s stop with the firings and actually work together. “I have your voice’ means nothing if you’re not really listening to ALL the people

  • A healthy working environment at City Hall benefits the citizens and reflects a sense of goodwill among the community. Let us promote a healthy work environment 

  • Address all implied email threats immediately and with seriousness. Not sure what I’m talking about? Please see my website or email me

  • Allow the press to do its job without interference or intimidation

  • Show respect and impartiality to people of all religions, races, genders and so forth

Why we need diversity:

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